Dilapidation Survey

The reasons for carrying out a dilapidation survey (or building audit) are broad. They can include reasons for justification, basis of comparison, or decision-making for the following scenarios: 

  • Purchasing of properties.
  • Upgrading, refurbishment, structure alteration.
  • Change in use/activity.
  • Identifying defects due to poor design or construction method.
  • Deterioration with time and or service.
  • Assessment of fire damage or other accidental damage.
  • To ensure safety/serviceability of use (for new development).
  • Buildings with symptoms of distress(es).

There are short-term and long-terms benefits in carrying out a dilapidation survey:-

Short-Term Benefits

  • Indication of safety & stability of the building & structure.
  • Indication of deterioration, defects or damages of the building and structure.
  • Appropriate recommendation for repair works.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Proper schedule and control of inspection work.
  • Better control of maintenance input for various buildings.
  • Proper documentation of maintenance requirements.
  • Easier preparation of maintenance contracts.
  • Illustrates the effects of executed maintenance.
  • As a framework for interpreting maintenance cost

Classification of Properties

  • Residential
  • Commercial/Business Premise
  • Industrial/Factories
  • Educational/Institutional
  • Other Special Properties :- 
    Hotels & Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Silos, Palaces, Airports, Towers and Reservoirs.

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